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Patrick Woodroffe & Dave Greenslade

the pentateuch of the cosmogony

2LP,Book EMI UK 1979

english poet Patrick Woodroffe joined forces with Dave Greenslade (ex Chris Farlowe Thunderbirds, Colosseum...) to put out this prog synth cosmogony based on a document discovered in a spacecraft orbiting Jupiter. The illustrations alone are amazing!


A1 Introit
A2 Moondance
A3 Beltempest
A4 Glass
A5 Three Brides
B1 Birds & Bats & Dragonflies
B2 Nursery Hymn
B3 The Minstrel
B4 Fresco
B5 Kashrinn
B6 Barcarole
B7 Dry Land
C1 Forest Kingdom
C2 Vivat Regina
C3 Scream But Not Heard
C4 Mischief
C5 War
D1 Lament For The Sea
D2 Miasma Generator
D3 Exile
D4 Jubilate
D5 The Tiger And The Dove

glossy, like new with some faint papers cuffs dnap. Cover & book like new