Catherine Spaak & Johnny Dorelli • Italy

una serata insieme a te / non so piu come amarlo

SG CGD Italy 1973

Spaak's duo with Dorelli on one side and her alone on the other doing a cover of the Jesus Christ Superstar OST (I don't Know How to Love Him)

Record/Cover  NM/VG+ |


Combos, i|Trolls, i • Italy

straordinariamente / rose rosse

SG Combo IT Italy 1969

melodic italian beat. According to some discography these guys are I Trolls under pseudonym

Record/Cover  VG/VG | plays ok, probably better with deeper cleaning. Light scuffs. Edge wear on cover


Dave Dee • UK

annabella / kelly

SG Fontana Spain 1970

nice orchestrated pop balladas by ex DDBM&T singer. Nice spanish PS issue

Record/Cover  VG+/G | light scuffs not really affecting. Medium wear on cover, 2cm tear on top, top and left border long seam splits


Don Felipe • Spain

hastio / quiero felicitarte, amor

SG Polydor Spain 1967

cool orchestrated jazzy pop originals. Nice arrangements by Juan Carlos Calderon and produced by Alfonso Sainz (Pekenikes)

Record/Cover  NM/VG+ | shiny, a few light scuffs visible from angle. 4cm left seam split


Duo Cristal • Spain

chiquillada / lirio azul

SG DPM Spain 1977

melodic midtempo, cool female voice. Arrangements by Jose Garberi. Really rare record, no info at all to be found about this duo (except their names, Carlos & Karol), first reference of this tiny label (DPM Distribuidora de Productos Magneticos). Collectors item for spanish completists

Record/Cover  NM/NM | glossy, no marks, some light paper scuffs not affecting


Fortuna Quintet • Spain

jenny en la playa / tu volveras

SG Maller Spain 1979

spanish pop with a bossa touch and moog backed with a pop soul number. Rare spanish record

Record/Cover  NM/NM | shiny, not a single mark


Francisco Jose • Spain

derrochas alegria / aturdido

SG Berta Spain 1967

spanish yeye chico. crooner style. nice chick on cover

Record/Cover  VG+/G |


Gigliola Cinquetti • Italy

ho bisogno di vederti

EP Festival France 1965

beautiful romantic orchestrated pop by Miss Cinquetti. San Remo 1965 song contest

Record/Cover  VG+/NM | glossy, plays EX, a few faint scuffs not affecting


Gli Isolani & F. Balzani • Italy

Vacance in Serdegna

SG Gabbiano Italy 196X

melodic italian songs, promo record for the costumers at Hotel Gabbiano (Alghero, Rivera del Corallo)

Record/Cover  NM/VG |


J Bastos • Germany

loop di love / I follow you

SG Ariola Germany 1970

kinda freak schlager with flutes

Record/Cover  NM/VG |


J.E. Mochi • Spain

mamy panchita / amor de mis amores

SG Movieplay Spain 1969

spanish pop soul beat by the ex Runaways (pre Bravos), Escala en Hi-Fi anchor man star in Megaton Ye-Ye film

Record/Cover  VG+/VG | shiny, plays EX, a couple of light scuffs not affecting. Light wear on cover


Jo Ment's Happy Sound • Germany

tops for dancing 1/70

LP Ariola Spain 1970

schalger pop for dancing. Ultra cool mod chicks cover. Spanish release, same cover

Record/Cover  VG+/VG+ | faint paper scuffs not affecting, plays very clean - biro marks and stamp on back


Julie Patou • France

mandame mil telegramas / a velo

SG Explosion Spain 1972

french chanson swingin chick. Rare issue, Julie singing in spanish!

Record/Cover  VG+/G | shiny, plays EX. Light wear on cover, sticker mark and selo tape on borders


Lauren Vera y su Combo • Spain

aldea de portugal

EP BOA Spain 1974

melodic organ beats in spanish. Rare EP in the tiny BOA label

Record/Cover  NM/VG |


Leonardo Favio • Argentina

para saber como es la soledad / fuiste mia un verano

SG CBS Spain 1970

cool midtempo cover of the brilliant song by Spinetta included in the first Almendra LP

Record/Cover  VG+/F | glossy, light scuffs and three long visible marks on Fuiste Mia, but dnap, plays very clean. Moderate ringwear on cover, top seam split and 2cm tear on top


Mac & Katie Kissoon • UK

sing along / bless me

SG Poplandia Spain 1972

a couple of dull pop soul numbers by this Trinidad brothers that moved to the UK and recorded with Miki Dallon. Tony Ritchie song

Record/Cover  VG+/VG+ | shiny, a couple of light scuffs, plays clean. Comes with press promo sheet


Michel Sardou • France

mourir de plaisir / les bals populaires

SG Philips France 1970

chanson. Jean Claude Petit arrangements

Record/Cover  NM/VG |


Mike Brant • France

c'est ma priere / l'amour c'est ça, l'amour c'est toi

SG CBS France 1972

melodic pop, arrangements by Jean-Claude Vannier

Record/Cover  VG+/VG | light paper scuffs, plays clean


Moyses • Spain

hosanna / la puerta abierta

SG Belter Spain 1971

cool eastern & sephardi arrangements with flutes and strings for this dramatic midtempo piece. Could also work as an Ennio Morricone soundtrack! Signed on cover by Moyses himself

Record/Cover  NM/G | shiny, a couple of tiny scuffs not affecting. Cover shows light wear, wrinkles & dirt stains, two little tears on right border too


Musiciens, les • France

les musiciens / monsieur l'cure n'veut pas

SG,Juke Festival France 1969

french sing-a-long pop paired with a voudeville style tune. Jukebox promo issue

Record/Cover  VG+/WS | glossy, very light scuffs, plays EX


Natasia y Emile|Natasja & Emile • Netherlands

sweet neeny / take me down

SG Belter Spain 1973

nice bubblegummy singalong pop, Lally Stott song (he of Chirpy Cheep fame). Dutch he & she duo released here in Spain in a cool dandelion pic sleeve

Record/Cover  VG+/VG+ | glossy, plays clean, some light scuffs. Light edge wear on cover


Nilla Pizzi • Italy

il nostro si / usignuolo

SG RCA Spain 1957

beautifully orchestrated ballads by the master Piero Umiliani for the 1957 San Remo Festival

Record/Cover  VG+/NoC | glossy, some very light scuffs. Fragile paper cover is sadly missing


Prachasg, los|Hermanos de San Juan de Dios de Sevilla • Spain


EP,Promo Hispavox Spain 1967

xian teen beat for christmas from Seville, Spain, out of key and badly payed. The only cool thing about it it's the band of youngsters shot on cover, if you ask me!

Record/Cover  VG+/VG | glossy, a few light scuffs. Wrinkles on cover


Rafaleon • Spain

fiesta / un mundo sin luz

SG Regal Spain 1970

spanish pop soul beat, producer Ramon Farran (El Bugulu)

Record/Cover  NM/G | shiny, no marks. Light wear and tear on cover


Ricardo • France

norma mia

EP Riviera Tempo Spain 1966

great french crooner Ricardo Canova, with Michel Colombier orquestra

Record/Cover  NM/NM |


Roberto Yalta • Italy

mi locura / marianna

SG RCA Victor Spain 1963

melodic songs from Italia, in spanish. Great Alitalia photo sleeve

Record/Cover  VG+/G | plays clean, glossy, very light scuffs dnap. Tear on cover, light wear


Ronnie Von • Brazil

a praça / cançao de ninar meu bem

SG Polydor Brazil 1967

comp Carlos Imperial

Record/Cover  VG+/WS |


Ronnie Von • Brazil

una duzia de rosas / belinha

SG Polydor Brazil 1967

comp Carlos Imperial & Toquinho

Record/Cover  VG+/WS |


Santiana • France

mal d'amour, mal de toi / regarde une fille avec ton coeur

SG Carrere France 1975

70s french pop beat uptempo arranged by Bernard Estardy, Le Baron

Record/Cover  VG+/VG+ | plays EX, a few faint scuffs


Ten Tops, the|Kennedy, los • Spain

grandes hits

LP Diresa Spain 1973

split LP. On side A The Ten Tops, leadered by Ramon Llenas Falco, do soft sing-a-long rock, same songs as on side B of Ten Tops' En Onda. On side B unknown Los Kennedy do cheesy covers of top ten hits

Record/Cover  VG+/VG+ | glossy, plays EX, like new except for a few light scuffs not affecting play - cover has some long wrinkles on lamination layer on the back


Tharsis • Spain

que mas da / perro callejero

SG Movieplay Spain 1975

spanish 70s pop-prog

Record/Cover  NM/VG | shiny, no marks. Light wear on cover


Unidades • Spain

boomerang / compostelana

SG Victoria Spain 1971

easy sing-along bassy & organ sounds. Rare single from Unidades, whose Much More was compiled on the infamous Andergraun Vibrations comp

Record/Cover  NM/VG | sticker residues on cover


Windows • Germany

how do you do / jeder tag

SG Golden 12 Germany 1972

german schlager

Record/Cover  NM/VG |